Chairman's Welcome

The Old Brymorians Association has been up and running in its present form for the past 14 years.

As many of you Old Boys may be aware, there have been a few false starts in setting up the OBA since Brymore School was founded in 1952, and then becoming an Academy in September 2013. However with vision, foresight and dogged determination from the current OBA Committee, we can now boast a membership approaching 550 Old Boys.

The main aims of the OBA, as written in our Constitution are:

•  Act as an “alma mater” association for Brymore School

•  Promote the interest of the School and pupils to the wider public

•  Support the endeavors of the Governors, Head teacher and Staff of Brymore Academy

•  Assist in fundraising enterprises of benefit to the Academy with particular emphasis on the provision of bursaries

•  To promote contact between boys of Brymore Academy , both past and present

The yearly subscription of £20 to become an Old Boy, together with the proceeds of the annual Summer Draw and some very generous donations, have helped to raise in excess of £110,000 since 2005 for bursaries for the less fortunate boys to attend Brymore Academy. In addition monies have been given to Brymore for new beehives, the fruit cage renewal in the Walled Garden , bean bag cushions for the Learning Resource Centre, a chicken house and 2 way radios for water-based activities.

By belonging to the OBA, not only does it provide the satisfaction of raising money for bursaries, but also through The Spur magazine, produced annually by the OBA, Old Boys can keep in touch with life at Brymore, and of course with what other Old Boys may be doing since their time at the Academy. We now offer a NEW "Student Membeship" of £30.00 for 3 years.

The OBA always has a presence at Brymore Academy Open Day and Country Fair which is normally held on the last Saturday in June every year. If you have not attended this event before, do try and come as it is an exceptional day out with plenty to see and do. The OBA hold their Annual General Meeting after this event, followed by a social drinks and buffet supper evening.

In October each year we have resurrected Pym's Night Supper – a truly wonderful event not to be missed, where Brymore produce is used for the meal if at all possible, rounding off the meal with an interesting After Dinner Guest Speaker.

None of the above would be possible without the goodwill of Old Brymorians, the hardworking OBA Committee and their wives, partners and friends and the generous hospitality shown to us by all the staff at Brymore Academy . Thank you one and all.

On a personal note, I hope that you enjoy our website and the information that it provides. If you are not a member of the OBA and wish to join, further details are available within the website.

Peter G Harris (1959-1963)
Chairman of the OBA

A Welcome to the Old Brymorians Association Website
from Peter Harris, Chairman of the OBA

The Committee

           Ollie Mahon  Rex Eastment    
 Vice-Chairman   Secretary
  Jenny Harris      Tim Hurley
 Hon Treasurer              

     Graham         Mike Perry  Summerhayes      
     Peter Wood    Mike Fackrell   

 Harry Orr